10 Poisonous Foods We Like to Eat

Poisonous Foods

It is a fact that all foods are not good for health. Some foods cause harm to your body as they are poisonous when consumed in large quantities. It has also been observed that sometimes even the thanks-giving food that tastes good can be toxic. You need to gather information about the food before you start to eat it.

Nine foods that are poisonous still we eat it and cherish them are listed below:

Kidney Beans

Beans are dangerous when anyone eats it uncooked. Thus, it is very essential that it is cooked properly before you eat it. Kidney beans are poisonous and it also damages your health if it is consumed by anyone uncooked. It has the largest concentration of toxins. The cookers in which you cook it should be good so that it gets cooked nicely. So, buy a good cooker if your cooker is not good or is slow.


Very few might be aware that tomatoes also have toxic substances, still we all love to eat it. Like potatoes, eggplants, and belladonna, tomatoes also belong to the nightshade family. It has been observed that these plant parts have solanine. Solanine an alkaloid if taken in heavy doses can cause a lot of problems like paralysis, hallucinations, gastrointestinal symptoms, and death. Never eat stems and leaves of potato, tomato or eggplant. Green potatoes should be avoided at any cost.

Bitter Almonds

Very few might be aware that there are two types of almond trees. The almonds that we eat are generally sweet almonds. While the bitter almonds are the ones that are poisonous and should be avoided. The reason to avoid bitter almonds is that it contains cyanide, which is a poison. These two species look similar and thus do not get confused and learn about it before eating or buying it.


You need to ensure that you are not eating or buying wild mushrooms. Wild mushrooms are not good and may lead to your death. There might also be a liver failure and in extreme cases, you might be able to survive. Thus, it is better that you buy mushrooms that are not poisonous. Remember the wild mushrooms are poisonous even when cooked properly.

Apricot, Cherry, and Peach Pits and Apple Seeds

Although the apple seeds are easier to chew and eat as compared to apricot, cherry, and peach pits. However, if one eats too many seeds it can prove to be toxic as the seeds contain amygdalin. Amygdalin when chewed converts into cyanide and cyanide is a poisonous substance. Do not worry if you swallow a few seeds. It requires almost two big cups of seeds in order to affect your health.


You should completely avoid fugu. In Japan, it is considered a delicacy and is called Pufferfish. It is very delicious compared to the fishes. There are few parts of this fish that should be avoided namely skin, ovaries, and liver as it contains a harmful substance called tetrodotoxin. Moreover, it is always advised that this fish should be prepared in a proper manner so that all the poisonous substances are removed from it.

Castor Beans

Castor oil is the one that upsets your stomach. If you will start to understand how harmful it is you will never have it. It is mostly used in food for coloring and flavoring. This oil is toxic and can even kill you. Thus, it is better that you find some other substitute for it.


Rhubarb has a tart taste and this is the reason it is used in many things like jams and pies. It looks beautiful as its stem is red and it has big green leaves. Anyone can grow it easily. You might be guessing which part of rhubarb is toxic. The leaves of it are dangerous as it has anthraquinone glycoside and oxalates. Oxalates reduce the absorption of minerals and thus consumption of leaves might cause kidney stones. Anthraquinone is purgative and laxative both. If you eat enough leaves you might face serious problems and it might even kill you.


When it is sprinkled on pies it gives a sweet taste and is mostly used during Christmas. It is also used in hot spiced cider and coffee. It is best known for a few qualities like relieving tooth pain and easing muscle pain. But you should not eat in too much quantity as you might develop nutmeg psychosis and hallucinations. Due to this you might face a sense of doom or feel agitated easily. Do not overuse it as you are now aware of its consequences.

Now that you are aware of the foods that you love to eat but might be dangerous, you need to be cautious and careful. Do not put your life at stake and stay healthy.

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