Brain Damaging Foods: 7 Foods That Are Secretly Damaging Your Brain

Foods Harmful To Your Brain

The brain is without undoubtedly the most important organ of our human body. Thus, everyone needs to consume a proper diet to boost it. The brain also controls all the organs of your body and plays a vital role in breathing and heartbeat. It is considered to be the power-house of all your feelings and thoughts. Remembering all your memories stays in your brain and helps you memorize anything.

The seven foods that are mentioned below are harmful to your brain:

Drinks With High Sugar Content

If you consume any energy drink, sports drink, soda, or fruit juice it is harmful for your brain. You need to ignore these drinks to keep your brain healthy. Try to avoid beverages also as the content of sugar is high in it. Apart from affecting the brain it also is responsible for heart disease and diabetes. Instead, you can consume vegetable juice, unsweetened ice tea water, and dairy products that are not sweet.


Alcohol if consumed in limited quantities is fine. You can enjoy any sort of alcohol with any meal and enjoy it. The problem occurs when you start consuming an excessive amount of alcohol. Excessive alcohol is not good for the brain and may have seriously affected your brain. Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy might have devastatingly affected the fetus. Moreover, it is not good for teenagers as the development of the brain is affected. Sleeping patterns may be disrupted if you consume excessive alcohol.

Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbs are all such products that are made with the help of processed grains. Do not be confused as it does not taste sweet. The main reason is that when it enters our body it gets converted to sugar very easily and quickly. Thus, you need to avoid the meal that contains refined carbs as it may increase your blood sugar level to a larger extent. One can say it has the same effect when the sugar is consumed straight. Refined carbs are not recommended for children and elderly people. Instead one should include fruits, grains, and vegetables in their diet.

Packaged and Processed Food

It is always better that you ignore the packaged and processed food as it removes all the nutrients. The fact is that processed and packaged food replaces important nutrients with fat, sugar, and salt. This is the culture that is adopted in Western countries. People prefer it as the duration to cook this food is comparatively less. No one has time nowadays and this is the reason for the high sales of these products. But we are damaging our health and brain by opting for it.


If you think that you can avoid all the harms that a cube of sugar does by replacing it with aspartame then you are wrong. Numerous artificial sweeteners are available in the market. You can easily buy those whenever you want but remember it is not safe to use it. If you consume aspartame you will not be able to focus on your work and your ability to grasp and learn will decrease. You will also not be able to control your emotions if you consume it.

Fish With High Level of Mercury

There is no doubt about it that fish is good for health and there are many who include it in their diet. It is considered to be a healthy form of diet. Although fish is low as far as saturated fat is concerned it contains magnesium, vitamin B12, Omega-3 fatty acids. Not all fishes are good for the brain and health. Some have a high level of mercury. A high level of mercury is nothing but a heavy metal contaminant. It is like a poison and can stay in human tissue for a considerable period.

Foods Rich in Trans Fats

There is no need to worry because not all types of fats are harmful. Some types of fats are known as trans fats which are not good and can harm the brain to a larger extent. You may find these fats in animal products namely meat. Trans fat is present in numerous dairy products also. These types of trans fats are not considered to be very harmful as compared to the trans fats that are present in all types of foods that are available in packages.

So, we can say that apart from a healthy diet, lifestyle also plays a vital role. If you maintain a healthy diet you are surely doing your bit to make your brain healthy. The list that has been mentioned above is the ones that should be avoided by everyone at any cost. To lead a good and healthy life, everyone will keep themselves away from the above-listed food items.

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