Foods that Burn Belly Fat

belly fat

It is a goal of every person who wishes to lose weight to get rid of this belly fat as well. Belly fat not only looks good and spoils your overall personality but is equally dangerous as well. Thus, it is always better if you get rid of this unwanted and harmful fat at the earliest. Remember it is not that easy and shall require a lot of sincere effort from your side in terms of diet and daily routine. Abdominal fat might put you in trouble by causing heart problems. So, if you are your well-wisher for your health you should do all you can for shedding that extra fat near your belly.

Gather knowledge about the foods specified below to get back in shape:


It is very essential as it keeps you hydrated the entire day. Thus, you should consume at least 3 to 4 liters of water daily. To see your body functions to its best water is the best source. It lubricates the joints, forms mucus and saliva, good for beauty and health, regulates the temperature of the body, flushes waste, and boosts your overall performance at the time of exercise. It also helps in weight loss because if you drink water half an hour before any meal you will eat less. Eating less is something needed for shedding belly fat. The best part is that it is a natural source and is easily available.

Say No to Sugar

It is a fact that everyone has a craving for sweet food items. But if you wish to lose your abdominal fat fast you will need to have control over the intake of sugar. The sugar content is pretty high in cookies, fruit juices, soft drinks, candy bars, and pastries. So, all these food and drinks should be avoided at any cost. Sometimes you are eating healthy salad but if you are having it with some sort of dressing it will lose all the nutrition the salad offers you. Mustard, barbeque sauce, and ketchup are equally bad for belly fat and should be avoided by you.

Include Fruit

Fruit is considered to be healthy as compared to fruit juice. When you eat fruit the entire chewing process helps in releasing the hormones that give you a feeling of fullness. Almost all the fruits contain fiber and this helps in feeling full and thus you will not have a craving for eating after having fruit. Try to eat different types of fruits so that you get to change and get nutrition from each one.

Chia Seeds

These seeds are high in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, protein, fiber, viscous fiber, and healthy fat. You can eat chia seeds raw, added to oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, soaked in juice, rice dishes, and vegetables. To get the best results you can eat it one and a half tablespoons two times a day. Chia seeds absorb water and this is the reason it gives a feeling of fullness after you have it. It is also good for blood sugar and blood pressure. The best time to have it is in the morning.

Limit Intake of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are present in grains, fruits, vegetables as well as milk products. Do not stop the intake of carbohydrates. But yes avoiding refined carbohydrates plays a major role in losing belly fat faster. The reason behind this is that the refined carbs are converted to sugar which is not good for belly fat. If you will eat refined carbohydrates you will tend to eat more. So, if you can control the intake of refined carbohydrates you are surely going to reduce weight fast. Refined carbohydrates are found in rice, beer, white bread/flour, sodas, pasta, pastries, snacks, breakfast cereals, and sweets.


Do not think that just by controlling and monitoring food you will be able to get that shapely waste. You will also need to do a lot of exercises to shed fat. Controlling food helps you in losing weight while doing exercise helps in getting rid of fat that is present in the belly area. Some people stop after they get that desired belly but this is not correct. You should continue to do exercise to maintain a flat stomach. Do exercise at least fifteen minutes daily to be in shape. The best exercises that are recommended for abdominal fat loss are cycling, swimming, running, and walking.


You should go for lean meat like whole eggs, chicken, beef, and fishes if you prefer to opt for a non-vegetarian diet. Those who prefer vegetarian need not be disappointed as they can have quinoa, legumes, beans, and seitan which are rich in protein. You will soon notice that your belly fat is disappearing.


To get the required nutrients it is always better that you eat raw vegetables. You can also go for other options like roasted and steamed veggies. Try to eat vegetables that are of a different color as each one has different nutrients. Veggies have a high amount of fiber and thus you will not feel like eating for many hours. Veggies also take a lot of time to digest it.

Taking care of what you eat is not only good for your belly fat but is also good for your health. So, do not ignore your health at any cost whatsoever and do your bit you can to stay healthy and fit.

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