Foods That Should Never Be Placed in the Refrigerator

Anti Refrigerator Foods

It is always better to have fresh foods in one’s diet. But it is not always possible as some foods need refrigeration to preserve it for a longer duration. The only drawback to keeping food in the refrigerator is that sometimes the taste of the food is lost and it affects the texture as well. It has also been observed that the nutritional value of the food item is also lost if it is kept too long in the refrigerator.

Twelve foods that should not be kept in the refrigerator-


Bread is one such food item that should not be refrigerated. If it is kept in the refrigerator it will become hard and dry. The best thing is not to keep the bread at room temperature and consume it for two to three days. If on the third day you think it might get spoiled you can keep it in the refrigerator. But do not keep it in the refrigerator for more than one day.


It does not need refrigeration. To store it you can simply keep it in a dry and cool area. The most important thing is that you need to store coffee in a container that is air-tight so that the quality is maintained. To enjoy it for many months you need to keep it away from moisture, light, and heat. If coffee is kept in the refrigerator the entire aroma of coffee is lost.


One should never keep the onion bulbs in the fridge. It gets mushy and moldy due to humidity present inside the fridge. The basic reason is that when the onions are kept in the fridge the starches that are present in the bulb get converted to sugar. It would be better if you keep onions in a dry and cool place so that it lasts longer. Onions kept in the refrigerator become soft and no one will like to have it. Onions just need proper air circulation so you can keep it in some big basket.


There is no need for you to refrigerate garlic. It can become rubbery and may start to grow in the mold itself. If it is kept in an area where it gets required air circulation it will last for three to four weeks very easily. If you have already broken the bulb it is better that you consume it at the earliest and if consumed within 10 days it is the best. Use it when required as it provides benefits to your health.


Honey one such food item that does not require refrigeration at all. If you keep it in the fridge it will become the clumpy mess of sugar. The best way to store honey is to store it in the pantry. Do not keep it in extreme temperatures. If the honey is not fresh it is not recommended to be given to the children who are less than a year old. Few might be aware that honey can preserve itself naturally and thus it can stay in good condition for many years. The properties in honey do not need any refrigeration or preservative to increase their life. If it is stored in a proper place the high sugar content in it plays an important role in protecting it and thus hinders the growth of any sort of bacteria.

Olive Oil

To see the olive oil in good condition it is better that you keep it in a container that is tightly sealed. Moreover, it is always sensible to store it in a cool and dark area of the pantry. You can choose a cupboard instead. If the bottle is not opened it might stay for at least two years. However, if the bottle is open it would be good if the oil is used before the expiry of one year.


Remember if the potatoes are kept in the fridge the starch that is present in it gets converted to sugar. There is no need for extreme temperatures for potatoes to last long. But, yes once you have cooked it and wrapped it in aluminum foil you need to keep it in the fridge as it might not be good for health.


One does not need to refrigerate pickles at all. There is a lot of salt and vinegar added to pickles during the preparation process and it helps in preserving it at room temperature. You can prepare pickles at home to be assured about its quality. Vinegar and salt protect it from microorganisms and harmful bacteria.


Lots of food have the ability to preserve on its own and vinegar is no such exception. The shelf life of vinegar is indefinite and this has been studied by a vinegar institute. But for this, you need to keep it in a dark and cool place. There should be no exposure to sunlight. The darker place can only be a cupboard in your pantry, so place a vinegar bottle in the cupboard. If you add vinegar in onion, garlic, or herbs it will require refrigeration.


You might have come across many people who keep mustard in the fridge. But there is no need for this. The acidity in mustard is high like ketchup and thus it is self-preserving. It is just one’s personal choice whether they prefer chilled mustard or at room temperature on their sandwiches.


Bananas always last longer when kept at room temperature. If the banana is unripe and if you refrigerate it the natural process of ripening will be affected. There can be cell damage if the banana is kept in the fridge. If you do not want to ripe your bananas fast then in that case keeping bananas in the fridge is a good idea.


Spices can last for many years without any sort of refrigeration. In case if spices are stored in the fridge their taste and flavor are affected. The aroma of any spice will tell you whether it is in good condition or not. Store the spices in a dry and dark place and its taste and aroma will surely last long.

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