Foods to Avoid if You Have High Blood Pressure

High BP Avoid Foods

In recent times, most of the people are suffering from different types of diseases because of their busy lifestyle. Blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is one of the most common diseases from which many people are distressed. It is very important to take care of your diet and avoid foods that are not good for blood pressure.  In this condition, the heart begins to pump the blood harder. There can be other symptoms like migraines, fatigue, and heart failure as well. Few exercises are recommended that can help you in many ways. You really need to avoid a few types of food so that you can remain away from high blood pressure. 

12 foods listed below should be avoided by those suffering from high blood pressure:

Processed Food

Processed food is not good for anyone and especially for those who are suffering from high blood pressure. Chicken nuggets and sausages are not healthy as they contain a high level of saturated fats and sodium in it. Consuming such food regularly is not healthy and can lead to high blood pressure. 


If you consume alcohol, it will cause the tightening of the blood vessels. It makes the blood harder, and thus the heart has to do extra work to pump the blood. This leads to high blood pressure.


Everyone loves to have it, be it young, kids or the elder ones. It contains sauce that has a lot of salt in it. The cheese content in pizza is also high. But, if you are facing any heart-related problem or suffer from high blood pressure this food is not for you at all.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are not good and are equally harmful as compared to coffee or any other drinks. The energy drink has soda which can lead to high blood pressure. The high amount of caffeine is responsible for high blood pressure as it lasts for many hours.


The foods containing salt in high quantities may worsen your hypertension condition. Almost all processed foods contain salt including vegetable juices, frozen pizza, canned soup, and canned tomato products. You must try to avoid all these foods containing salt.


It is a fact that without using salt, you cannot preserve the food for a long time. It helps to stop the overall decaying of the food, and thus the food lasts for more time. If any food item is kept in salt for more time, it absorbs more salt, and thus the sodium level increases. Such food, when eaten, increases the sodium level, which is not good at all for the blood pressure. Instead, you must go for other options that are available.


There many problems that your body might face if you take sugar. Excessive sugar will always be harmful and can result in obesity. Remember, if you are obese, your heart will have to put in more effort to pump the blood. High sugar level also results in high blood pressure. So, if you are already suffering from high blood pressure, you need to watch the intake of sugar. Try to reduce the consumption of sugar slowly and gradually if you are not able to resist it. 


Bacon is liked and preferred by many people. But very few might be aware of the fact that fried bacon is not any good option to have. It is harmful to your health as it contains saturated fats and sodium. This can spike up the blood pressure and can be dangerous for you. So, those who are already suffering from high blood pressure need to avoid it. 

French Fries

Children and adults both love to have french fries. It is not a problem if you have it once a month in limited quantities. But if you are prone to taking it almost daily or three to four times a week, you are surely spoiling your health. It contains saturated fats as well as sodium. As it is deep-fried many times, the fat is absorbed in it. Sodium level increases as salt is sprinkled on it to get that mouth-watering taste.


Sometimes, if you feel like drinking, you opt for soda. Now, whenever you have a soda, remember that soda will increase the blood pressure immediately. Try to skip it and replace it with lemon juice or simple water.

Fried Food

Everyone likes the taste of fried food. But fried food causes a lot of harm to your body. Your blood pressure level is sure to increase if you do not stop eating fried food.


Popcorn is cherished by many people irrespective of age. The heath problem it brings will make you think twice before you have it. When you take popcorn, remember that one serving has about 1,056 mg of salt.

All the foods that have been listed should be avoided so that you are sure that you are doing your bit for your health.

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