Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30

Diet Soda

Taking proper care of your health is very important and thus you need to have a diet plan as per your age. If you are about to reach the age of thirty it would be better that you start to know about all the foods that are good and those ones that should be avoided. There are a-lots of foods that are not good after the age of thirty as they can make you obese, increases wrinkles, affects organ functions, and can make you feel sick too.

Eight foods that are listed below should be avoided by everyone who has crossed thirty years of their lives.

Fruit Juice

Do not think that the fruit juice pack will have the same benefits as the fruit itself. It is not true that fruit juice is not good at all. The reason behind it is that when the juice is extracted all the fibers that are beneficial are always left behind. Fiber is essential as it helps in dumping the sugar in moderation in the bloodstream. In the absence of fiber, the juice is going to provide a lot of sugar at one go which is not at all good for your body. Remember the commercial juices are even more dangerous as they contain added sugar, which totally destroys the nutritional value of the fruit itself.

White Bread

White bread should be avoided by you as it is not good at all. As a kid, you might be used to having white bread but you need to avoid it does not offer any nutritional value. It has been noticed that the fiber content in white bread is less as compared to whole wheat bread. As the bleaching process takes place the mineral and vitamins present in the bread are lost and it also raises the sugar level in your blood. So, if you cannot resist having bread it is better that you switch to whole wheat bread.

Diet Soda

It does not matter whether you are consuming diet soda or dark soda. Both are harmful to you. The brominated vegetable oil which is used in flame retardants and rocket fuel is a chemical that is used in the preparation of Fresca and Diet Mountain Dew. Thus, the use of this oil makes the drink dangerous for your health. It is not good irrespective of your age still if you are in your thirties you should avoid it. It has negative effects on fertility and thyroid hormones. You will also become obese if you consume it.

Flavoured Yogurt

We always think that yogurt is good for health but very few might be aware that flavored yogurt is not healthy at all. Instead, it is always better that you go for simple yogurt. Flavored yogurt has a huge amount of sugar in it. Thus, in one serving you can consume around 47 grams. If simple yogurt is taken daily it will help you in your digestion. There are many who do not like simple yogurt. For them, there is an option to put fruits of their choice in it and have it.

Avoid Straw

It will always be good if you avoid anything that needs to be sucked with straw. The reason for this is that whenever you suck any juice or beverage with straw there are full chances of developing wrinkles and fine lines. Due to this, you will see wrinkles near your mouth. If wrinkles and fine lines come naturally with age that would be fine but who would like to get it at the age of thirty years. Wrinkles and fine lines will make you look older than your age. Thus, the use of straw once in a while is ok but the use of straw on a regular basis should be avoided.

Canned Soup

It has been noticed that there is a strong connection between skin aging and high blood pressure. Those women who have fewer wrinkles and look young had low blood pressure. Thus, it is very important that one should cut on sodium intake. The content of sodium is high in soup cans. If you take canned soup in a day you are going to consume at least 40 % of your day’s salt requirement. Few might be aware that soup cans are packed with BPA. It is one chemical that is known for infertility, cancer, and weight gain. Those willing to have something warm can have a mix of clove, mint, and ginger to satisfy their craving.

Popcorn with Butter

We all are fond of popcorn and like to have it while watching a movie. Once in a while, it is ok to have it but if you develop a habit of having it every day it can prove to be harmful to your body. The popcorn that is microwaved is even more harmful to your brain. The fake butter that is coated on these popcorns contains a high amount of trans fat. Trans fat affects the memory in a negative way and thus we should avoid having popcorn with butter that is microwaved.

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