What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Bananas Every Day

Overeating Bananas

There are many fruits that we as adults cherish eating daily. Not only this, but children also love to eat different types of fruits. Banana is also one such fruit that will be loved by everyone irrespective of any age group. Nutritional value in a banana is great. Some prefer to add it in their cereal. Some might not be aware that bananas can cause lots of problems when it comes to waistline and heart. Thus, you should never eat too many bananas otherwise it will not give your body the required nutritional value.

These eight points that are mentioned below will help you in knowing what happens by eating bananas.

Gas and Constipation

Unripe bananas are not good at all for your body. It has a lot of starch that stops the system of your body. But on the other hand, if the banana is ripe it is good and will be beneficial to you. Ripe bananas should also be eaten in limited quantities. There is no doubt that whether you eat a ripe or unripe banana you are going to face the problem of gas. Fiber is needed to help your body function properly. But too much fiber is not recommended at one go.

Stomach Ache

Many will face stomach aches after eating a banana. This problem only occurs if the banana is unripe. So, ensure that you eat a ripe banana. Stomach ache can also be due to allergy even after eating a ripe banana. Thus, even after eating a ripe banana, you are still facing the problem of stomach ache. You need to stop eating it. It would also be better that you consult your doctor or dietician for further consultation.

Not a Diet Fruit

The fact cannot be ignored that bananas have lots of nutrients in it. But it cannot be ignored that it is not at all a diet fruit. It is not a diet fruit because bananas are rich in calories when compared to other fruits. It has around 105 calories and the fiber content is less. Due to less fiber content, anyone who eats bananas does not feel full for a longer duration. Anyone who is having diabetes should avoid it. The calorie count is pretty high so it is not a good choice for snacks.

Potassium Content High

Bananas are good if you consume it in small quantities. If you consume it in a large amount you can suffer from hyperkalemia. In your blood, there will be an increase in potassium and that causes hyperkalemia. Due to hyperkalemia, you can face different health problems like muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat, and short-term paralysis. If anyone is suffering from any sort of kidney problem should avoid this fruit as it elevates the potassium level in your blood.

Tooth Decay

It is good to eat a banana for healthy teeth. Banana contains vitamin D and calcium which helps in stronger enamel and bones. The problematic part is that the sugar and starch stay for a longer duration on your teeth. Thus, to avoid this problem, you can either gargle with water or brush your teeth. Remember eating too many bananas will for a short duration change the entire pH level. An increase in pH level erodes the enamel.


Banana can prove to be allergic to many people. If you are not able to eat certain fruits and vegetables like bell pepper, tomatoes, kiwi, avocados, and potatoes, it is always better that you avoid eating a banana as well. The main reason is that banana contains protein which is the same as natural latex. So, those who are sensitive to latex will surely be sensitive towards banana as well.

For Babies Banana not good

If you are willing to feed your child with banana it is always better that you go slow. You can start with small two bites and not more than that for your baby. If your baby or you are facing any sort of breathing problem or feel lightheaded after you eat the banana, you need to consult the doctor immediately without any further delay.

Limit Intake to Two Bananas a Day

It would be advisable that you take two bananas every day. If you restrict your limit to two you will be getting all the benefits that banana offers. But if you eat too much, say ten to twelve bananas in a day it is surely going to harm your body in many ways.

Several health benefits are associated with banana but that you will only be able to get if you eat a ripe banana. If taken in moderation it will help you fight depression, give you energy, boosts your brain, balances your hormones, and keeps the blood healthy.

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